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Taxation Planning

Almost everyone will have a tax obligation at some stage. See us for a plan.

Management Consulting

Our team can assist you reach your business goals through specific management consulting.

Protection of Assets

If you run a business you should have a plan in place to protect your assets.

Business Acquisition

Buying or selling a business can be complex. Ensure you make informed decisions during the process.

Chartered Accountants

Brendan has been a Chartered Accountant for over 10 years and maintains the highest level of ongoing training possible
Get the highest standards from a leading professional organisation

In just 2 very short meetings we managed to find the solution personally catered to my situation.

Derek M.

It is not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy financial advisor.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Unfortunately failure to take the time to consider and implement an effective estate plan can also lead to a significant reduction of the wealth being passed on to the intended beneficiaries. Successful estate planning considers a persons formal or informal wealth accumulation, asset protection policies, retirement plans, business succession plans, taxation assessment, as well as identifying intended beneficiaries and reviewing the plan on a consistent basis. Our advisors can asses your individual circumstances and advise if setting up a testamentary Trust may be an option for you. Although we cannot provide legal advice regarding your estate plan, we will work alongside you and your solicitor to ensure you can rest easy knowing you have a consistent, effective estate plan.

Cash flow

Budgeting and Cash flow

Budgeting and cash flow statements are one of the simplest and effective tools for any business owner. Historical information is analysed to assist with planning for future profits, control costs, indentify periods of cash fluctuations as well evaluating the general operation of the business. We can help you plan your cash-based transactions so that your financial commitments are met, without excessive cash sitting around and not being used effectively in your business. Gaining a better understanding of your own business allows to set financial targets and to measure your performance. Let us show you how a budget can provide feedback that helps you prepare for the future of your business!

Tax Structures

Tax Structures

Soles Trader – this is the simplest business structure where the individual is legally responsible for all aspects of the business. Tax is paid at personal income tax rates Partnership – Control and management of the business, as well as income and losses are shared among the partners. A partnership is not a separate legal entity and does not pay income tax directly. Each partner includes the income from the partnership on their individual Tax return. Company – an incorporated company is distinct legal entity, regulated by ASIC. A Company is a complex business structure that provides some asset protection to directors and is taxed on its assessable income at the current tax rate of 30%.